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Bratislava´s new beacon,

mixed-use hub for businesses...

Gateway to Bratislava

The Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, was once not only a unique building, but also a symbol of light, a reference to the culture and heritage of the ancient city. It helped merchant ships to find their way safely into the harbour or helped them to navigate in darkness and due to it‘s exceptionality became an integral part and a symbol of the advanced Alexandrian civilisation. This is one of the reasons why the lighthouse was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World immediately on its completion.

Just like this mythical lighthouse, our project, too, creates an entry gate to the capital. Whether by air or land it will off er a perfect connection and complex services essential for integration of a successful modern city quarter.

Excellent access traffic

Like in ancient times, Pharos spreads across a site nearby a port of the modern age - the Bratislava airport. This location offers huge potential, mainly to an administrative clientele and businesses for which the direct vicinity of the airport or a motorway bypass is an advantage.

Thanks to the future high-speed rail link between Bratislava airport and the Austrian Schwechat airport, and thanks to the motorway linking us to Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic, Pharos will become a business centre in the European sense.

Combination of shopping, work and entertainment

Pharos is all about balance, which is why an equally important part of our project includes shopping centres, cafés and restaurants. Open public realm and lively passageways offer visitors the opportunity to relax and to enjoy their day off with their family or friends.